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"Sector Five found me and perfectly matched me to a job in Asia - at the time I was living in London. Troy and Jason kept me regularly updated as to the progress and gave me solid information about the job, the background to the brief, and the personalities I'd be working with. This culminated in a successful move to Shanghai."
Lisa Glasgow - Creative Director at Lowe and Partners Worldwide
Fee structures

The best people for a job are typically happily employed at one of your competitors. They need to be scouted and recruited. Typically, the best candidates are found through our extensive network, which has been built over decades and is the result of personal referrals from other clients and candidates.

We offer a variety of fee structures:

  • Traditional Retained Executive Search: This is most appropriate for sensitive situations where discretion is critical. For example, when you need to replace the MD of your office in Japan and don’t want the whole world to know about it. We charge 33% of total guaranteed annual compensation inclusive of all bonuses and allowances, paid in three installments.

  • Engaged Search: This is a combination of a retained search and a success component. Typically a fixed flat fee is agreed upon in advance depending on the degree of difficulty and circumstances involved. We charge half of the fee upfront as an engagement fee and the remaining half upon acceptance of a formal offer to join by the selected finalist candidate. This search is most appropriate when you want top priority attention, wish to benchmark outside candidates versus internal candidates, have already retained another firm and it’s taking too long and you don’t have enough good candidates to make a decision (but you require discretion and can’t brief numerous contingency firms), have already briefed numerous other contingency firms and need us to focus on the assignment as a top priority, or have invested significant time, resources and money in ineffective recruitment media or resources and need expert help delivering top candidates from your competitors. In our experience, there is almost always another candidate somewhere. Sometimes the search firm or internal recruitment teams get burnt out and thinks nobody is interested or good enough.

  • Contingency Search: This is the classic “success fee” arrangement. We don’t charge a fee unless there is a hire. We charge 35-40% of the total guaranteed annual compensation. If we approach you with a candidate we think is a superstar, we charge 30%.

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