A Review of AdWeek Asia 2022 by the Numbers & Buzzwords

Snapchat presentation by Toshiya Hasegawa, Head of Japan Market Development

Advertising Week Asia 2022 was full of many typical conference events; speakers, interactive displays, free give aways (like bluetooth headphones!), and of course networking.

This event, hosted at Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi, seemed to have a special atmosphere to it. Whether it was the undeniably catchy Pinterest jingle or the sense that there is light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, one theme appeared to me above all: the hopeful numbers and the vocabulary echoed by virtually every speaker.

There are a few notes to keep in mind when reading this:

  1. This is primarily regarding the Japanese market

  2. The data was gathered over the last 2-3 years (during the pandemic)

  3. Nearly everything discussed is about how to move forward after corona & the changes that will incur due to the event


Getting right into it, I will start with the numbers:

  • 8% - Japan's percentage of online servive usage, catching up to other global leaders (31% for China and 14% for the U.S.)

  • 15% - the likeliness that Microsoft Edge and Bing users will spend money online

  • 50% - how many people do more personal tasks during work

  • 61% - the percent of consumers who shop during work

  • 76% - how many believe life changed permenantly since the pandemic started

  • 56% - say the number one benefit of remote work is increased family time

  • 72% - the number of global companies that want to work towards environmental sustainability

  • 56% - the percent of people who will not skip ads if the service is free

  • 80% - how many people use video streaming services

  • 71% - how many people regularly watch YouTube

  • 83% - percent of TikTok users who say they enjoy ads

  • 90% - the number of Snapchat users between ages 13-24 (Gen Z)

  • 45% - increase in attention when using VR

  • 70% - increase in retention when using VR

  • 75% - the percent of poeple who will use VR "frequently" in the next 3 years

  • 80% - how many Pinterest users "love" shopping

  • 80% - the amount of trend predictions Pinterest got correct in their trend prediction report

  • 57% - number of Pinterest users who are Gen Y or Gen Z

  • 30 per day - number of times Snapchat users open the app, on average

  • 600 million - global Snapchat users

  • 8 per day - hours spent engaged with media per day

  • Top 3 - Japan's rank in terms of TikTok's global users

  • No. 1 - TikTok's rank amongst SNS advertisment platforms

  • 81 million - number of Pinterest users per month

  • 96 - number of times people check their phone a day