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Jason T. Ayers, founder and CEO of Sector Five, brings you two unique podcasts from the land of the rising sun:


one serious and intellectual - the other anything but.

Book and Headphones

five club


Jason T. Ayers brings the book club to you in this uniquely modeled podcast. He first speaks with the author about the book, reads the book, then speaks to the author once more to discuss thoughts, reactions, and overall themes related to the book.

From career advice to wheelchair dating, this podcast reads it all!

butter kusai

Getting Orient-Ed! Live from Tokyo Bay!

Legendary Headhunter J.T. Ayers both talks to himself and records interviews with interesting people worldwide. He discusses anything and everything from jobs, relationships, politics, and advertising to cultural misunderstandings, music, fun, animals, women & immigrants, funny stories, bbq, beer, and more. Listen to a redneck in Japan about the shenanigans of being a big shot highly paid ex-pat bossman/woman in APAC.

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