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These are some of the companies and organizations we support and/or collaborate with to add value to the people and organizations we serve.


Sygnificance Systems

In Tokyo in 1994, founders Darrell Berry & John Ricketts developed the idea of ‘social media’ – recognized by Forbes as the earliest concept example. Now, they bring commercial, mathematical, and software engineering expertise to deliver data-based communications insight, saving time, effort, and budget.

Japan IR Association

The Japan IR Association (JIRA) is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities fairly, and neutrally through participation in the association through its membership and activity partnerships.



Yard is an independent creative collective based in Tokyo. They provide production and management to musical artists as well as production for apparel brands, editorial design for magazines, music graphics, and film production, focusing on the planning and production of advertisements.

Weben Partners

Weben Partners develop winning strategies and equip successful sales & marketing teams 24/7, to grow your top and bottom line.


Hawaii Vocanic Beverages

Hawaii Volcanic Water is a purpose-driven, premium beverage and active lifestyle brand from Hawaii. Their way of life is to continually share Aloha by being positive, healthy, active, and kind to others and the earth.

Top Line Marketing

Top Line Marketing is a marketing agency focused on bringing you solutions in growth planning, brand value acceleration, commercial strategy, and marketing operations.



Toyo Agency Linkage Co., Ltd. is a human resources consulting company that proposes optimal sales promotion strategies based on product characteristics and market situation data.


HOGO is a digital marketing agency offering services to the hospitality, entertainment, and gaming industries, among others.



SYN Music and Entertainment is a global music production and entertainment creative business based in Tokyo. They provide original music, sound design, sonic branding, live entertainment, music licensing, narration, and creative services.

Big Brothers Big Sisters - HI

Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawai‘i supports children ages 6-16 years old who have faced adversity in their young lives and experienced the loss of a valuable connection. Their youth-centered program helps children to create goals that mentors can help them achieve.


iFirst Medical Technologies

iFirst Medical Technologies is a Hawaii-based global medical diagnostics maker of portable, handheld blood coagulation analyzers utilizing the power of an iPhone camera.


Locus is a leading-edge technology company dedicated to solving global logistics' most challenging last-mile problems with its award-winning platform. Headquartered in the U.S., Locus is now growing their presence in the Japanese market.

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