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Executive Search 

Our core mission is to provide our clients an unfair advantage over their competitors when hiring top-tier executives. Although we do not disclose our clients' names, we can tell you that they are a select group of multinational companies. We offer a two-year guarantee on any retained search and are proud of our long-term success rate of over 95% at the three-year point.

We provide expert executive recruitment services in the following core areas:

  • Consumer Goods and Marketing Services

  • Health and Wellness (Medical Device and Pharmaceutical)

  • Private Equity

  • Management Consulting

  • Gaming, Leisure, and Hospitality

  • Entertainment and Music


Our main clients are top tier consumer brands and various types of communications service providers (agencies) across Asia, such as:

  • Management Consultancies

  • Private Equity Firms

  • B2B and B2C Technology Companies

  • The Entertainment Industry

  • Integrated Resort Developers (and other Hospitality, Leisure, Gaming, and Tourism parties/consultancies)

  • Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Companies


We focus on recruiting top performers, usually for specific positions. Most people we place aren't actively looking for a job when we first get in touch. Most of the executive search assignments we make and new business opportunities come through referrals and long-term relationships. We rarely, if ever, rely on recruitment media to identify candidates for our clients.


Sector Five occasionally takes on assignments outside these core areas of expertise, particularly for sensitive senior management roles in finance, operations, human resources, corporate strategy, supply chain, and procurement. In recent years, we have become especially active in recruiting “digital transformation” leaders, leading us to dedicate Ai.Agency to this specific cause.

We are a small firm by design and don't have the resources to help everyone, though we will always try our best. If we cannot help, we will refer you to someone who can as a courtesy.

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